*** ATTENTION*** Dr. Baxley has relocated to Vacaville and Posture Vitality is Closing effective 4/21/2021 and is no longer accepting appointments in San Ramon.
Dr. Baxley/Posture Vitality has relocated to White Oak Chiropractic in Vacaville located at 292 Alamo Dr #1, Vacaville, CA 95688 ***Appointments can be scheduled by calling (707) 446-1714***
Too many people suffer from aches, pains, or hate how their bad posture makes them look and feel.

At Posture Vitality our advanced adjusting method helps you instantly stand straighter with less pain and effort, improving your health and quality of life.

Improving Your Posture Helps You Regain and Maintain a Vibrant Quality of Life

Posture Vitality's chiropractic care goes beyond other therapies (including other chiropractors) that you may have tried. 

Dr. Jane Baxley provides drug & surgery-free treatment with Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™) to help you stand straighter, move with less pain and effort, and get back to doing the things you love.  

Our Patients Start To Notice Improvements Right Away

Some common results as early as the first visit:

Reduced Pain And Stiffness
Improved Posture
Easier Breathing
Increased Energy & Sense of "Lightness"
When people can’t stand straight easily without pain or tension it affects how they move, feel, and look.

Research shows that poor posture can also have serious negative health effects impacting mental functioning/sense of well-being[1], heart and lung capacity[2], blood pressure[3], and contributes to poor quality of life and unhealthy aging. 

Dr. Baxley is a chiropractor committed to helping you break free from pain and into a life of excellent overall health.

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[1] Goldstein, L., Makofsky, H., (2005) TMS/Facial Pain and Forward Head Posture. Pract Pain Manag. Jul/Aug 2005 5(5) 36-39 [2] Caillet R., Gross L., (1987) Rejuvenation Strategy. New York, Doubleday Co. [3] Deuchars, J., Edwards, I., (2007) Bad Posture Could Raise Your Blood Pressure. Journal of Neuroscience 0638-07. 

Dr Baxley's Certifications and Affiliations

“Dr. Baxley has helped me reach my fitness and orthopedic goals.

I train very hard. She believes in helping her patients self care, giving them strategies to keep their health as their responsibility. She is so supportive and engaged in my total health. Such a great member of my health care team! Simply the best. I cannot say enough about the teamwork she has brought to my life. I work in healthcare and value her communication and teamwork focus. Dr. Baxley is simply the best!”

- Mary Pat S.

“I have experienced lower back pain on and off for the past 30+ years.

On several occasions, I was unable to function for several days at a time without considerable pain. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Baxley most of my lower back pain has diminished. My back muscles and structure seem to be strengthened and I feel more confident in performing tasks where my back came into play. The treatments and exercise assignments have definitely been beneficial to my well being.”

-  Jim N.

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From feeling hopeless every day to feeling excited about new adventures in life.

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