We've all heard that slouching and poor posture is bad for your health and mental outlook.  We've also heard that posture exercises to strengthen the muscles in the back is what we need to do to fix the problem.

While this would seem to make sense, it's not addressing the real issues keeping you from standing straight, and just doing exercises to try to improve your posture can be inefficient and potentially damaging for you.

The main reason most people slouch is that spinal bones in their back are misaligned in a forward direction, or in other words have been pushed forward. Your body cannot correct these bones that have been pushed forward because it doesn't have a mechanism or muscles to correct these forward spinal bones (read more here) and the muscles of your back are trying to fight gravity to compensate and keep you upright. Skeletal misalignment can lead to muscular and joint pain, often resulting in the development of arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and other issues later on.

Because each body differs considerably, optimal alignment for one body and skeleton will ultimately be different from the optimal alignment for another, therefore "One-size-fits-all" exercises to try to correct your alignment or posture are often ineffective or can cause pain. 

This is why individual postural alignment consultations are so vital. Advanced BioStructural Correction(tm) chiropractic care with Dr. Jane Baxley at Posture Vitality in San Ramon addresses your unique alignment and postural issues at the real source of the problem offering a plan for quick and lasting relief. 

We work to fix the misalignments your body cannot fix on its own (which is why you are unable to stand straight without effort) and work together to give you the tools to keep you standing straighter, feeling, and moving better. 

While this may include postural exercises, they will be much more targeted and effective since your muscles won't be fighting gravity as much.

Call today to start your path to better posture! What are you waiting for? Your spine will thank you!

Dr. Jane Baxley

Dr. Jane Baxley


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