Low back pain simply sucks. I'm sorry, there's no better way for me to say it.  Before becoming a chiropractor I suffered from low back pain for years. In fact, it's what led me to visit my first chiropractor and ultimately decide to make it my career.

The big problem is that symptoms such as back pain can create other body problems down the road if not corrected properly.  When someone has back pain either from a macro trauma (car accident, major fall or sports injury) or micro trauma (sitting behind a desk for hours at a time for years, and repetitive motion strain), they use their bodies differently (such as walking, leaning, tightening and twisting in an attempt to avoid pain) setting up often unconscious compensation patterns.  Over time these patterns of movement become habitual and may persist even after the symptom goes away.

Bad news is that this could potentially set you up for abnormal wear and tear on joints and and re-injury. The good news is that for most people, if the body is adjusted correctly it can unwind and correct these compensation patterns on its own. As normal motion and function is restored to your body, there is less abnormal tension on the structure of the body resulting in reduced pain, improved posture and a feeling of increased energy.

Ironically in chiropractic school, my low back symptoms progressively got worse and I ended up with a disc herniation at L4-L5. It wasn't until I had been introduced to Advanced BioStructural Correction™ (ABC™)  after graduating that I started to find real lasting relief. 

All the other methods I'd tried and learned as a chiropractor would only offer temporary relief with my own symptoms coming back within a day or a week.  This is because these other methods didn't get to the source of the problem and in many cases would attempt to realign all misaligned joints without determining which joints were causing a problem, and which joints were out of line in an attempt to compensate and keep you stable.  ABC™ only corrects the parts of the spine that have misaligned in a way the body cannot correct on its own, so the body can release the compensation patterns naturally as a result.   

Throughout the years, my office has helped many people correct their spinal alignment, improving posture and function using Advanced BioStructural Correction™.  I help guide them toward a better quality of life with ease of movement, less tension and pain.

Let's help your body get back to more healthy movement patterns. Call my office (925) 406-3222 to see if I can help! 

Dr. Jane Baxley

Dr. Jane Baxley


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