(Scroll Down for Video) It's a common sight-people are hunched over cell phones everywhere you look and it's even jokingly referred to as "text/tech neck" or even "Facebook Posture". If you've noticed that you get a stiff neck and upper back pain, especially after using your cell phone, it's probably because you too are guilty of holding your phone so your head has to bend forward to look at your screen.  This increases the "effective weight" of your head and the amount of pressure pulling on the muscles of your neck.

Do this long enough and in addition to a stiff neck, it may even begin to affect your breathing.  The study referenced below has found that "that prolonged use of smartphones could negatively affect both, posture and respiratory function" (1)

You might try to hold your arms up so your phone is up high enough, but then drop back down because your arm gets tired from trying to hold your phone this way. This quick video shows you an easy way to hold your phone to help avoid this.  Please feel free to share this information and give us a call if you would like more information on how my office can help you to move, feel and look better.  

(1) Jung, S. Lee, N. K., Kang, K. W., & Kim, K.(2016). The I., effect of smartphone usage time on posture and respiratory function. Journal of physical therapy science, 28(1), 186-189.

Dr. Jane Baxley

Dr. Jane Baxley


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